AGU Registration

Registering as a student to the Abdullah Gül University

Once you have applied and been accepted into one of the programs at the Abdullah Gül University, you will travel to the AGU campus in Kayseri, Turkey, in order to register as a student and start your classes. As an undergraduate student, you will be expected at the start of the Orientation program, organised every year around 2 weeks before the beginning of the academic year in Fall.

During registration at the University's Student Affairs Department, you will be required to submit the following documents and a photocopy for each of them:

  1. Passport and photocopy of passport
  2. Originals of ALL documents submitted during application (including especially your high school diploma and transcripts for all high school years*, international certificates you may have completed**)
  3. AGU Acceptance Letter
  4. Diploma Equivalence Certificate (Denklik Belgesi) To be obtained from the Turkish Ministry of Education
  5. 4 Color Photos: 4,5 x 3,5 cm biometric photos must have been taken in the past 6 months
  6. An official document showing both parents' full names (i.e. family book, copy of their IDs)
  7. Payment Receipt for the 1st semester Tuition Fee
  8. TOEFL iBT or exempting English proficiency letter from your high school (if applicable. If not, you will be required to take the AGU English Exemption Exam before the start of the semester)
  9. A proof of Turkish Health Insurance Plan (not travel insurance) covering the student in Turkey for a minimum of 4 months starting (at least) from September. The insurance can be obtained in the days following the Welcome Day in one of the Kayseri agencies.

If one or more documents are missing when you arrive (i.e. diploma equivalence or insurance) the registration will be temporary until the final submission of these documents.


*According to the 2019 Ministry of Education regulations, students who have completed high school in a country which has signed the Apostille Convention (link) MUST have their high school diploma and transcripts apostilled before coming to Turkey, in order to obtain their Diploma Equivalence Certificate, which is mandatory for registration to Turkish Universities.
Students who come from countries who did not sign the Apostille Convention must have their high school diploma and transcripts approved/stamped by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign affairs or other relevant institution in your country.
Please also note, that in order to apply for a Diploma Equivalence Certificate, students must submit ALL transcripts for high school (if you completed high school in 3 years, you must submit transcripts for 3 years, if in 4 years you must submit transcripts covering 4 years... etc.).
**Students accepted to AGU with SAT/ACT exam: In order to confirm your test scores, you will be asked to re-access your online account in presence of a school administrator OR You must have ordered an original Score Report to be sent directly to AGU

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