AGU Work Environment

AGU has been committed to an effort to maintain a healthy working environment and ensure job satisfaction among employees.

Free from discrimination
AGU, as a Turkish Public University, complies with the article 10 of the Turkish Constitution, which states that all Turkish laws and regulations need to be applied equally without discrimination. Everyone is equal before the law without distinction as to language, race, colour, sex, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion and sect, or any such grounds.

Open to all for Societal Impact
AGU as a Higher Education Institution aiming at excelling in Education, Research and producing Societal Impact designs and implements activities and programs that are accessible to all, regardless of ethnicity, religion, disability or gender.
All AGU staff members are free to book and use all institutional educational, health, sports, recreational, (etc.) facilities; and are invited to join all open activities and events.

Flexible working conditions
Abdullah Gül University allows all its academicians and all administrative in need to have flexible working hours in order to optimise their professional performance and personal time.
Additionally, all administrative and academic departments plan office presence rotation systems and telecommute with appropriate scheduling and equipment in order for office members to be able to work remotely and complete their tasks from home. This standard practice has been reinforced during the Covid-19 pandemic period.

Commute system
All AGU office employees are entitled to a free shuttle service every morning and evening, driving them from home to work and vice versa.

Top quality equipment and comfortable setting
All offices are equipped with high quality desks, chairs, etc. and employees are given use of high quality desk- or laptop computers. The AGU campus offers a pleasant work environment with large windows, greenery and multiple lounge areas. Employees also have access to kitchens to prepare their coffee/tea breaks.

Multiple restaurant options
The University offers employees use of two governement-subsidised canteens for lunch meals. Foud private companies have also established on-campus restaurants. Vending machines are also available all over campus and the University is ideally placed for students and staff to benefit from multiple food-delivery opportunities.

Partnership with off-campus organisations
The University also continues to sign partnership agreements to allow its employees to benefit from additional services at discounted prices (kindergartens, sports centres, hospitals, etc.). Finally, as part of its societal impact approach, employees are also offered multiple opportunities to volunteer and partake in charity work in the community. AGU employees are encouraged to get involved in charitable and community activity and can do so via the different AGU partnerships with (inter)national NGOs.