Emeric Abrignani, Head of the Abdullah Gül University International Office  Emeric ABRIGNANI

  Head of the AGU International Office --- FRANCE




"Having had the chance to study or work in 2 different Junior-, 3 Senior High-Schools and 5 Universities/Business Schools in countries like France, the USA, India or Turkey, I am starting to have a good comprehension of most of the academic systems worldwide. These experiences helped me develop the skills and international network I need to be fully ready and committed to AGU's international development via its International Office.

I also arrived in AGU as a foreigner and never regretted my choice to join this high-quality institution located in the incredibly rich touristic region of Kayseri.

I look forward to welcoming you to AGU"

Yakup Sönmez, Abdullah Gül University International Office  Yakup SÖNMEZ

  International Student Advisor, Recruitment & Administration --- TURKEY





"Having completed my BA in Akdeniz University, I obtained an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages) from the Institute of Education in UCL (University College London). I have been an ERASMUS student in 2007 in Slovakia. I have also worked as an English lecturer in Kirklareli University for 2 years and at the same time, I was the International Coordinator there. My career also expanded as the Supervisor of three international airlines (British Airways, Thomas Cook and Thomson Fly) based in Antalya Airport. Starting from my academic journey to my career till date, I have been heavily exposed to rich international experiences, which enables me to commit myself thoroughly to my current designation.

It makes me proud to be a strong contributor of the internationalization process of AGU!"

  Charlotte JUSTINE

  International Marketing & Communications --- FRANCE





"After graduating from a Master degree in Marketing at a French business school and studying for 4 months in Japan, I was excited to discover a new culture and work environment in Kayseri, Turkey. I first joined the Abdullah Gül University as a 10-month EVS Volunteer (European Voluntary Service) in 2014 and have been working in the University's International Office since the end of the project. I now participate in exciting international promotion and student recruitment projects everyday.

AGU is a young and dynamic university and I am happy to be part of its growth!

Safiye, Çalapkorur, Abdullah Gül University, AGU, Liaison office, international office, international staff, support  Safiye ÇALAPKORUR

  Liaison Officer - International Staff Support --- TURKEY





"After completing my Undergraduate education at Erciyes University, I started a Master's degree in the field of Industrial Engineering. I participated in the Leonardo da Vinci project, in which international students also took part. I worked as an expert in the AGU Lifelong Learning Center on European Union projects. I have acquired a lot of experience in Intercultural Youth Work thanks to the European Union projects I participated in and I also took part in Social Responsibility activities organized by young people.
I am happy to work at this University, where intercultural interaction is an integral part of everyday life!”